Carmen Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle

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Fully charged and ready to use in under 15 minutes, Keeps water warm for up to 5 hours while unplugged, making it great for overnight use, Works as a heat pad to alleviate pain, relieving cramps, joint or muscle pain while improving blood circulation for added comfort, Sealed with water to prevent scalding or leaking, removing the need to refill with boiling hot water, Automatic temperature control maintains the ideal amount of heat, switching off after it reaches 60-70°C for added safety.

About this item

  • SAFE HEATING SOLUTION: This rechargeable hot water bottle comes pre-filled with water already inside and permanently sealed – this means you never have to worry about refills, leaks, or scalding from boiling water
  • LONG-LASTING WARMTH: It heats up the water when powered on and unplugged to keep you warm in bed, retaining its temperature for up to 5 hours for lasting warmth and comfort overnight
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: It only costs as little as 12p to fully charge the Hot Water Bottle. Keep yourself warm and cozy as you snuggle up on the sofa and save on expensive energy bills
  • AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Provides a no-fuss way to warm up with automatic temperature controls to automatically maintain the perfect temperature – it switches itself off after reaching 60-70°C for safe use and lasting warmth
  • 3-YEAR GUARANTEE: Professional Carmen quality with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee and a 2-year extension, subject to product registration online