Tower Hygenesis Antibac Spray Mop

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Make cleaning more eco-friendly with the Hygenesis spray mop by Tower utilising electrolysis to provide a natural cleaning solution.

Electrolyzed Water is lab proven to kill & sanitise 99.9% of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria, making it an excellent alternative to harsher chemicals.

Simply fill up the anti-leak bottle with tap water, add table salt and attach it to the mop. Then charge the tank with the mini USB cable for the set amount of time. The ionised water lasts for up to two hours. An easy squeeze trigger allows you to spray as you go, allowing you to continue cleaning without stopping, which is ideal for larger cleaning tasks.

The water bottle also detaches and doubles as a handheld spray bottle for smaller areas, such as the countertop or windowsills. Microfibre pads clean a range of surfaces, including tiles, laminate and wooden floors, removing the excess dirt and grime with ease.

Comes with a 3 year extendible Tower Guarantee.


Eco-friendly Electrolysis Function kills 99.9 procent of Bacteria Multi-Function Mop
Choose between 3 Electrolysis Charging Times Large 450 ml detachable Water Tank
washable reusable Microfibre Pad 1m Mini USB cable included
Ergonomic Grip Handle Easy squeeze trigger