Website Accessibility

In line with our core values of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, we want our website to be accessible to as many of our customers as possible, regardless of the technology you are using or whether you have a disability.

Our website has been designed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, and to conform to the web accessibility guidelines set by W3C – an international organisation which sets standards and provides guidelines on how to make web content accessible to people with disabilities.

Basic provisions

  • All text on our website should be legible and flow correctly, no matter whose browser you are using or what size you have set
    for the text size. Although we do not support older browser versions and the site may behave erratically if viewed in, say,
    Internet Explorer 5.5, the basic information should still be accessible.
  • All images, apart from those whose sole purpose is for layout, have alternative text indicating the nature of the image.

If there is any area where we fall short of your expectations in relation to accessibility, please let us know or, alternatively, tell Fix The Web, who will liaise with us on your behalf.

Links to accessibility-related websites you may be interested in:

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